• C#
  • JavaScript
  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • Istio
  • Postgresql

A client based in Singapore had begun work on a complex application and wanted to test the reliability of a microservice based infrastructure based on Kubernetes before dedicating too much time and resources to it. They were particularly interested in a handful of key metrics, most important of which were reliability and response times.

To test this, we created NowLeave. Built on a similar infrastructure as had been suggested for their main application, which used Kubernetes with Istio on an AWS EKS cluster, we created and release a small application which included a few features that would be in the final application, but in a different context as to not give any clues to or compromise the privacy of the application which was still in stealth.

By carefully monitoring user interactions and response times, ensuring the cluster was able to handle large amounts of requests at once without a degradation in service, we found the experiment proved to be a success and Kubernetes, Istio and AWS were chosen to run their application.